This is our primary resource tool for all information related to our being MOBIS Associates, as well as our related marketing efforts and program delivery. Here we will regularly be going online to update our own information so that all of us can access and benefit from it. Only MOBIS Associates have access to these records.

We will want to come here before and after we make a call, go on a visit or write a letter. Before, in order to learn everything we can about our collective experience with the agency in question before approaching it. After, in order to share what happened, what we learned and what we are planning to do as a result. The database will be a reflection of the marketing work each of us is doing as an Associate.

This is also the place we'll find other Associates for specific program teams. It should help to quickly identify those of us with the kind of skills and experience a particular situation calls for, as well as help our System Administrator to insure that business is spread among Associates.

It is finally the place where we will report on each program we deliver to a federal agency as a MOBIS Associate and where we will track and record the follow-up from those programs. As this body of information grows, we will be able to draw on an increasingly rich repository of experiences, stories and references from each other's work.

As we continue to enter our new and updated information into this database, it will become an increasingly valuable resource. It can serve us well as we become more of a learning community, by helping us to learn individually, to share our learnings and thereby to learn collectively.