MOBIS Services from ICA

SIN 874-2: Facilitation Services

ICA professionals have facilitated hundreds of participatory planning sessions, retreats, and problem solving sessions with boards, government agencies, schools, coalitions, local communities, not-for-profit agencies, tribal nations and private companies.

ICA's facilitation services include the following:

  • Participatory Strategic Planning - use ToP® methods for long-and short-term planning that includes creating a three-to-five year vision, identifying underlying contradictions that block the vision, defining two-year strategic directions, and developing one year objectives and a 90-day implementation plan. The process builds consensus, achieves effective group communication, turns ideas into productive action, and shapes concrete accomplishments into a strategic plan.

  • Building Consensus - channel diverse ideas into productive consensus decisions which everyone owns and supports.

  • Large and Small Group Discussions - conduct focused discussions, meaningful exchange of ideas, involving an entire group in thinking through difficult issues, and helping groups surface new ideas and solutions.

  • Collaborative Action Planning - use the ToP® Action Planning method to create an effective implementation plan and calendar, organize needed resources, maximize group commitment and involvement, and mobilize the group's energy into action.

  • Creative Problem Solving - tackle tough