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Books on Facilitation:

Winning Through Participation: Meeting the Challenge of Corporate Change with the Technology of Participation®
Laura J. Spencer

Now in its eighth printing, this companion to the ICA’s Technology of Participation (ToP) methods is an indispensable tool for those using participatory methods in organizations and communities. Through case studies and theory, it describes ToP methods and their benefits. Available in both English and Spanish. Forward by Rosabeth Moss Kanter. 185 pages.

The Art of Focused Conversation: 100 Ways To Access Group Wisdom In The Workplace
R. Brian Stanfield, General Editor

This how-to-book, by ICA Canada’s staff and associates, demonstrates the myriad uses of the ToP Discussion Method. The method has been used effectively for group consensus-making in problem solving, troubleshooting, coaching, research and interpretation of data. The book contains 100 sample conversations. 228 pages

More Than 50 Ways to Build Team Consensus
R. Bruce Williams

Contains hundreds of practical tips culled from more than 20 years’ work with the ICA and many others organizations. Suggestions for generating consensus are organized into strategies of purposeful vision, participative processed, individual commitment and collaborative teams. Each activity includes a guide to the facilitator, hints and an example for the beginning teams, as well as for teams that have worked together for a long time. 242 pages.

Twelve Roles of Facilitators for School Change
R. Bruce Williams

Combines the four functions of a facilitator with the three elements of the change process to produce the twelve essential roles of a facilitator. From coach to concert master, these twelve roles are described in everyday language, with scenarios of how each is implemented in a school change situation. For teachers, administrators, parents and facilitators of educational change. 222 pages.

The International Facilitator’s Companion
Jon Jenkins

Produced in cooperation with PTT Telecom Netherlands, this compendium of twelve booklets is designed for professional trainers and facilitators. Based on the ICA’s ToP methods, the booklets range from Case Study Writing to Ice Breakers. Each contains eight sections: theory, process, examples, timing, program development, worksheets, tips and references.


Books on Social Change:

Beyond Prince and Merchant: Citizen Participation and the Rise of Civil Society
Edited by John Burbidge for ICA International

No longer are people willing to leave it to government and business to lead. Citizens are seizing the initiative and reclaiming their rightful place as catalysts of social change. Beginning with a description of the origins and evolutions of the concept of civil society, the book explores the “global mosaic” of civil society today, as well as its new frontiers, from facilitation to microenterprise development. Recommended for students, agents and facilitators of social change. Foreword by David Korten

Participation Works: Business Cases From Around The World
James P. Troxel, General Editor

This rich array of examples illustrates how ToP methods have transformed the workplace in diverse settings in eleven countries. It shows how a participative work environment has enabled companies to expand market share, redirect goals to customer needs and increase productivity and performance. 259 pages.


Government Works: Profiles of People Making a Difference
James P. Troxel, General Editor

This anthology of case studies gives graphic examples of how participation in government at local, county, state and federal levels is taking place across the United States today. Its four sections focus on citizen initiative, entrepreneurship in government, employee empowerment and facilitating collaboration. 450 pages.


Other Resources:

Technology of Participation® Facilitator Tool Kit

This complete, compact collection of the facilitator’s “tools of the trade” comes in a easily transportable tote bag, 14” tall by 17-1/2 wide. Contents include a 5’ by 12’ lightweight nylon Sticky Wall for workshop cards, a 9-3/4 oz. can of 3M Spray Mountäto replenish the Stick Wall surface and a case of 30 multi-colored felt tipped marker pens. Items may be purchased individually or together.

Technology of Participation® Video Bill Staples, ICA Canada

A valuable complement to ToP courses, this animated video gives you step-by-step procedures for how to achieve consensus in a team setting using the ICA’s Technology of Participationä. It will help you facilitate groups more effectively and make meetings, discussions and workshops more productive. VHS, 24 minutes/

Manuals and Workbooks

Each of the ICA courses and programs has a participant manual available only to participants. Instructor manuals are available for each of the ICA courses for individuals engaged in a trainer qualification journey.

Government Prices
Item Quantity Offered Prices
Winning through Participation 10 $25.39
The Art of Focused Conversation 10 $18.60
More Than Fifty Ways to Build Team Consensus 10 $21.15
Twelve Roles of Facilitators 10 $25.39
The International Facilitator's Companion 10 $185.00
Beyond Prince and Merchant: Citizen’s Participation and the Rise of a Civil Society 10 $25.39
Participation Works: Business Cases From Around The World 10 $21.15
Government Works: Profiles of People Making a Difference 10 $21.15
The Change Handbook 10 $42.35
Facilitator Tool Kit 10 $107.73
ToP Video 1 $24.95
Instructor’s Manuals for each 2 day training course 1 $99.75
Participant’s Manuals for each 2 day course 1 $34.91


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