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The Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) and The Technology of Participation (ToP) ®

A unique consulting, facilitation, training and research organization providing effective participatory skills to thousands of people across the United States and in thirty-six other nations. With a focus on participation and involvement, ICA provides a variety of management, organizational, and business improvement services to hundreds of government agencies, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, professional associations and local communities.

A global social change organization, the ICA was incorporated in the USA in 1973 as a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit corporation. ICA International has a secretariat office in Brussels, Belgium and holds Consultative Status (II) with the United Nations Economic and Social Council and with UNICEF. In the United States, the ICA has offices in Chicago, Washington, DC, Phoenix and Seattle, and contact persons in numerous other locations.

Based on its 35 years of national and international experience, ICA’s Technology of Participation (ToP)® continues to be on the leading edge of change in designing and delivering programs and in training people to use simple, yet highly productive group leadership processes. Trademarked ICA technologies include: Technology of Participation (ToP)®, Imaginal Education, Earthwise Learning Series and LENS (Leadership Effectiveness, New Strategies). These methods result in improved work processes, involvement of key constituents and stakeholders at all levels, increased efficiency and effectiveness of operations, delivery of quality products and services that are responsive to client needs and changing requirements, and a clear articulation of the organization's mission and strategic directions.

Today we see an undeniable trend toward group participation and involvement in problem solving, planning and decision making. People expect to be asked to participate, and organizations are responding with structural changes that place increasing responsibility in the hands of front-line teams. Understanding group processes and mastering the skills required by this more participatory culture are now essentials of effective leadership.

ICA specializes in imparting unique methods of facilitation and consultation which helps groups think, talk and work together and provides group facilitators with structured methods that:

  • Recognize and honor contributions of all
  • Let a group deal with more data in less time
  • Enable deep conversations on significant topics
  • Pool individual contributions into larger more informative patterns
  • Welcome diversity while finding areas of agreement
  • Bring forth creative and innovative ideas
  • Move groups to implementation of practical ideas and vision
  • Enable individuals, organizations and communities to find their voice

Some primary applications of ICA methods include:

  • Strategic Planning for Organizations & Teams
  • Team and Organization meeting facilitators
  • Event design and facilitation
  • Community Youth Development Planning
  • Imaginal Education to Transform Organizational Learning
  • Community Development
  • Transforming Community Through the Arts
  • Understanding Customer Expectations
  • Improving and Aligning Organizational process and practices
  • Transforming Organizational Culture

Over the last 35 years ICA methods have successfully supported and benefited many governmental clients. This includes many state government agencies in AZ., WA. and IL.:

  • Center for Mental Health Services
  • Food and Drug Administration
  • Forestry Department
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • Naval War College
  • Army/Air Force PX Command
  • USAID, Agency for International Development

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