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The Art of Focused Conversation:
100 Ways to Access Group
Wisdom in the Workplace
Price: $21.95
36 Tools for Building Spirit
in Learning Communities
Price: $29.95
The Art of Focused
Conversation for Schools
Price: $21.95

Twelve Roles of Facilitators for School Change
Price: $29.95

The Facilitative Way:
Leadership That
Makes the Difference
Price: $24.95
Winning Through Participation
/Ganar Mediante la
Price: $29.95
International Facilitator's
Companion **
Price: $75.00
(Plus $ 15.00 P&H)
The Workshop Book
Price: $19.95
More Than 50 Ways To Build Team Consensus
Price: $26.95
Participation Works
Price: 24.95
Please Forward:
The Life of Liza Todd
Price: 22.95

Recommened Resouces
for Social Change and Transformation.
Social Change
Personal Transformation
Beyond Prince and Merchant:
Citizen participation and the
rise of civil society
Price: $12.95
The Circle of Life
Price: $24.95
The Change Handbook
Price: $60.00
The Courage To Lead
Price: $19.95
Government Works: Profiles of People Making a Difference
The Courage To Lead Daily Journal
Price: $15.30
The Social Process Triangles
Price: $34.95
Play to Learn, Learn to Play
iDisponible en español!
Price: $15.00
Children of the World Posters and     Cards
• Posters 18" x 24" ($12.95 each)
• Postcards 6" x 9" ($2 each)
• Notecards 51/2" x 53/4" ($2
  each; 6 for $10)
The Other World … in the
midst of our world
Price: $34.95

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